Turn-Taking Card

A cue card that has a “my turn” visual.

When to use: 

  • Use when teaching turn-taking. 
  • Use during games, shared play, and other social activities. 

How to use: 

  1. Present the card to the student so that the “my turn” text and icon face them. 
  2. Direct them to begin with a verbal of “Your turn”. 
  3. When the student finishes their turn, they should slide the card back to you and say “Your turn.” 

Teaching Using a Turn-taking Card: 

  1. Start by selecting a preferred item or activity that you will use to teach the student the skill of turn-taking (e.g.- a game in which one player acts at a time or a toy that can only be played with by one person at a time). 
  2. Place the “My turn” card in front of the student and hand them the item. During the student’s turn, model appropriate waiting behavior and narrate your actions- e.g. “It’s your turn, so I am waiting quietly with my hands in my lap.” 
  3. As you retrieve the item from the student, model placing the “My turn” card in front of yourself. 
  4. During your turn, reinforce the student for waiting- e.g. “Great job sitting quietly!” or “I like the way you are waiting with your hands in your lap.” If the student is not waiting appropriately, prompt appropriate behaviors- e.g. “hands down until it’s your turn.” Initially, your turn might be quite short. 
  5. When a turn ends, model passing the card to the student and say “Your turn”. 
  6. When the student’s turn is over prompt them to pass the card back and say “Your turn.” 
  7. As the student is able to wait for a short time, start extending the interval. 


  • Two-player games and sharing a single toy are good starting points for teaching a student how to take turns. 


  • After a student is proficient with taking turns with one person, introduce additional partners. Pass the card among partners to indicate whose turn it is.