Five Point Scale

A visual scale to identify and discuss student feelings and emotions.

When to use: 

  • When a visual is needed to support development of appropriate social behaviors, emotions, and other abstract ideas. 
  • Use to help students identify feelings, appropriate social behaviors, or other abstract ideas. 

How to use: 

  1. Identify a target social behavior, emotion, or other idea 
  2. Fill out the scale
  3. Practice using the scale with the student often using modeling, prompting, and reinforcement. 
  4. Explicitly teach expected behaviors using modeling, prompting, and reinforcement. 
  5. After the student gets used to the scale, try asking them where they think they are on the scale and what they can do to get back to a 1. 


  • Have the student participate in building the scale. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviors and emotions objectively during the creation process, and increases the likelihood that they will identify with what is written on the scale when they use it.