Student At-A-Glance

A quick reference sheet detailing student likes, dislikes, reinforcers, IEP goals, and more.

When to use

At-a-glance reminders of IEP goals, favorite reinforcers, or potential challenges Reference for staff less familiar with a student, such as an elective teacher, occupational therapist or substitute. 

How to use

The information for a student profile can come from a variety of sources. Family, teachers, paraeducators, specialists, health professional, or the student may all provide helpful information when building a student profile. Some categories you might include:
  • Age, grade, photo, and other identifying facts
  • Strengths and challenge
  • Likes and dislikes
  • IEP goals
  • BIP steps
  • Assistive technology/accommodations
  • Modes of communication
  • Reinforcers
  • Medical issues or concerns


  • Keep your student reference sheets on hand, up to date, and organized in a folder or on a binder ring.
  • Keep an up to date duplicate copy with your substitute materials.