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Autism, Behavior, Evaluation, Inclusion, Transition

Texas Autism Conference

The Texas Autism Conference is an annual event sponsored by the Texas Education Agency. The conference's goal is to promote increased awareness and understanding of evidence-based practices, interventions, standards, and services in the area of autism. It provides professional development and networking opportunities for families, students, educators, and professionals.
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ARD/IEP Supports, Significant Cognitive Disabilities, Instruction, Evaluation

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This series visually showcases strategies and techniques educators can put into practice right away.
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State Guidance, ARD/IEP Supports, Evaluation


SPEDTex, the Special Education Information Center in Texas, is a website with resources and a call center to support families of students served through special education.
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Blind/Visually Impaired, Deafblind, Evaluation

Overview of Visual Impairments

This course is the first of six courses on the topic of assessing students with visual impairments for additional disabilities, and they are based on Marnee Loftin's book Making Evaluation Meaningful: Determining Additional Eligibilities and Appropriate Instructional Strategies for Students with Blindness and Visual Impairment.