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Inclusion, Instruction

Math for All

Helps educators build capacity in understanding how specific disabilities impact students’ learning of mathematics.

Inclusion, Instruction

Literacy for All

Helps educators understand the importance of teaching students who struggle to read on grade level in grades 4-12 foundational reading skills.

Autism, Behavior, Evaluation, Inclusion, Transition

Texas Autism Conference

The Texas Autism Conference is an annual event sponsored by the Texas Education Agency. The conference's goal is to promote increased awareness and understanding of evidence-based practices, interventions, standards, and services in the area of autism. It provides professional development and networking opportunities for families, students, educators, and professionals.
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Inclusion, Instruction, Assistive Technology, ARD/IEP Supports

Specially Designed Instruction Field User Guides

The SDI Field User Guides are intended to be a bridge between existing student support plans and the instructional content available within the High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) suite of resources from TEA.
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Inclusion, Assistive Technology, ARD/IEP Supports, Instruction

Accommodation Companion Guides

Bridge existing student accommodations to assistive technology (AT) options that enable access and greater student progress within THL materials.
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Significant Cognitive Disabilities, Inclusion, Instruction

Instructional Support Planning Form

This is a sample of a completed Instructional Support Planning Form, which is used by a team to coordinate the provision of supports for a student's participation in general education.
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