Discrete Trial Bins

Keep discrete trial materials, data sheets and reinforcers neatly organized and portable.

When to use: 

  • Pre-load bins to minimize student down-time spent finding and setting up materials for discrete trial training (DTT). 
  • Bins allow reinforcers to be close at hand without being accessible to students or distracting during trials. 

How to use: 

  1. Before the school day starts, collect the materials for the discrete trials you will teach for the day. Be sure you have all relevant items, manipulatives, data sheets, and preferred student reinforcers. 
  2. Place these items in a bin and label the bin with the student’s name. Put the bin where it will be easily accessible when it is time to do discrete trial training. 


  • Keep extra writing utensils, extra data sheets, and instructions for implementation in each bin. 
  • Partition bins to keep reinforcers and tasks separate and organized. 
  • Perform preference assessments often to be sure that the reinforcers in the bin reflect current student preferences. 


  • Rolling cart with drawers