Instructional Routines for Mathematics Intervention

The purpose of these mathematics instructional routines is to provide educators with materials to use when providing intervention to students who experience difficulty with mathematics. The routines address content included in the grades 3-8 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). There are 23 modules that include routines and examples – each focused on different mathematical content. Each of the 23 modules includes vocabulary cards and problem sets to use during instruction. These materials are intended to be implemented explicitly with the aim of improving mathematics outcomes for students.

Designed for Texas Teachers and Aligned with the TEKS, these 23 modules are focused on different mathematics content and are designed for grades 2 through 8.

These modules feature:

  • Step-by-step routines for explicit teaching of the mathematics content
  • Vocabulary Cards with visuals that can be easily displayed in the classroom
  • Problem Sets with greater than 50 ready-to-use problems for each module