Foundational Reading Lesson Set

The Foundational Reading Lesson Set is designed to provide Texas teachers with a set of instructional materials that can be used to create phonics lessons across the entire year. It includes routines for all components of phonics lessons as well as an entire year’s worth of materials. The materials are designed for students in first grade who are learning to read and students in first, second, and third grade who need additional instructional support. The language and words can be used with students across many levels. The clue cards are designed for primary grades and need to be replaced for some older students who are sensitive to the perception of doing activities designed for younger children.

This lesson set includes routines and enough materials for the entire school year, including:

  • the top 500 sight words
  • approximately 4,000 decodable words
  • more than 200 image cards for phonological awareness
  • more than 80 sound-spellings ordered by frequency
  • more than 40 sound-spelling cards for the most common phonograms