Self-Determination TEKS Alignment


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that closely align with self-determination and decision-making skills to students with disabilities.

What is Self-Determination?

Dr. Michael Wehmeyer defines self-determination as “acting as the primary causal agent in one’s life and making choices and decisions regarding one’s quality of life free from undue external influence or interference." The National Gateway to Self-Determination Project says that self-determined people make things happen in their own lives to improve the quality of their lives. They know what they want and how to get it, and they set goals and then work to reach them. They advocate on their own behalf and are involved in solving problems and making decisions about their lives.

In Texas, the admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee must consider, and if appropriate, address elements of transition planning for students receiving special education services by age 14. Self determination is included as one of these elements, as specified by TAC §89.1055(h)(10):

the use and availability of appropriate:

(A)  supplementary aids, services, curricula, and other opportunities to assist the student in developing decision-making skills; and

(B)  supports and services to foster the student's independence and self-determination, including a supported decision-making agreement under Texas Estates Code, Chapter 1357.


About the Self-Determination TEKS Alignment Collection:

The TEKS are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do in each subject area. Organized by grade band and subject area, the TEKS Alignment Collection outlines the knowledge and skills that align with self-determination as defined by the research of Dr. Michael Wehmeyer and The National Gateway to Self-Determination Project. Educators may use the Self-Determination Alignment Collection to consider where self-determination skills are addressed in each content area or to develop standards based annual individualized education program (IEP) goals for a specific student.